the light in me, sees the light in you.



"What is your why?" I was asked this question before the start of my 200 HR training & my 300 HR training. I look back at what I wrote, both times, & while my answer has evolved, it’s always been the same at its core.  I want to learn more- about my body, my mind, & my soul. I want to dive deeper into my health & spirituality. My time in these trainings solidified this eagerness to learn, reflect, & to be an eternal student. They also brought to light my love of community. How much we learn from one another- How sharing knowledge, growth, & perspective can make us even better versions of ourselves. I wanted to create that- a space of nurturing, a space for growth, a space for love & support.

Join this space, our community, by attending a zoom class or one of the many workshops we will be hosting!  & always reach out if you have questions!

The light in me, sees the light in you.

Namasté. -AJ

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